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Clotrimazole and betamethasone for eczema psoriasis, as well for treatment of erythema multiforme (15). These medications reduce the clinical signs and symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, the results studies in rats and other animals suggest that rheumatoid arthritis can be treated with topical application of these compounds (16,17). Cerebrides Inhibits Psoriasis Inhibition of P. acnes activity crene extract of the plant species Curculia elegans has become an important agent both for treating inflammatory dermatoses and the treatment of psoriasis (17,18). Several clinical trials of topical application crene extract have been conducted in patients with psoriasis and to date clinical results are consistent with a positive therapeutic effect of crene extract on the symptoms of psoriasis (19). anti-inflammatory action crene extract of Crevia elegans is mainly mediated via inhibiting the pro-inflammatory cytokine response. One of the molecules responsible for inhibition is the potent prooxidative enzyme, NQO1 ( ). In the first study it was shown that crene extracts of the plant prevented production tumor necrosis factor alpha mRNA by human dermal papillae (PND14 and 14-2) in a concentration-dependent manner within 5 days in human subjects (20). another study, in which PND14-8 human skin was treated with crene extracts of Curcuma longa and vulgaris for 24 days, a reduction in tumor necrosis factor beta (TNF-B1) level was shown (21). The effect of crecem-inhibiting agents on psoriasis remains as a controversial issue (22,23). However, the study by Ellinghaus et al. (19), who applied crene extracts of Curcuma longa to the skin of mice and rats, showed that in this treatment skin lesions were reduced significantly compared with controls (23). buy xanax and valium online Another clinical trial using a formulation of buy valium in uk online crene extracts in cremes the plant has been carried out in healthy subjects. During 3 months, psoriasis activity was reduced in the skin biopsies of mice with anti-tumor crene extract (1.06 and 1.21 times compared to controls) (24). As the skin samples collected from treated mice were further checked, it was found that the reduction significantly more than that of controls, indicating the efficacy anti-tumor properties (24). In this study, several clinical benefits including a reduction in the number of lesions and development a barrier-depleting lesion as well anemia, weight loss, increased serum ferritin levels and a decreased frequency or severity of pain were also found (24). A second study, carried out in healthy subjects with psoriasis on skin samples taken at baseline, 6 months after treatment or a 3 months absence, revealed that crene extract of the plant inhibited TNF-mediated cell proliferation, the generation of interleukin What is the generic of valium (IL)-1 beta and IL-6. The researchers also discovered that an increased production of inflammatory mediators, including tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-α), vascular endothelial growth factor and monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 was found (23). Another study, in which topical treatment of normal skin with creme extract of Curcuma longa or vulgaris for 6 months resulted in a more rapid improvement of Psoropaneuria symptoms than the treatment with topical only a placebo (25), demonstrated that the crene extract showed a significantly (p < 0.001) faster improvement in clinical symptoms than control group (patches and placebo) (25). Finally, a study by Maitinen et al. (26) carried out in healthy adults with psoriasis of the skin creme extract both Curcuma longa and vulgaris for 12 weeks showed a significant improvement in severity of Psoropaneuria (p < 0.001) compared with placebo treatment. Clostridium leptum Inhibition of Skin Psoriasis is a common disorder in human immunology. Although its pathogenesis is related to immune mediated inflammation, skin psoriasis has been investigated because the pathologies of psoriasis, such as exfoliation the epidermis, erythema, and pain, are often accompanied by significant inflammation in the dermis. A number of agents, with different mechanism action, are used to treat psoriasis. The most commonly used agents are systemic corticosteroids, anticholinergics in the treatment of asthma, and oral antifungals ( ). Table 1 Antimicrobials Corticosteroids (immunosuppressive) Antihistamines (antidepressant) Trimethoprim and nystatin
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